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RFH's new infrared laser is used in the field of keyboard paint peeling

Aug 26 , 2021

RFH's new infrared laser is used in the field of keyboard paint peeling

With the widespread use of computers in our lives, work, and studies, the design of keyboards also has broader possibilities. Keyboards with different usages such as office, games, drawing, etc. emerge in endlessly, but they always need to peel off the paint and mark letters on the keyboard.


Customers go to RFH to learn about laser peeling paint keyboard technology

Mr. Wu from Sichuan is a designer of a new keyboard factory. His newly designed keyboard has very strict marking and peeling paint requirements. After opening the keyboard, he hopes to show the effect of colored light beams. In order to solve the production technical problems, he came Go to RFH for investigation and research.

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When peeling the paint on the keyboard, use the fast, high-definition and affordable RFH infrared laser for marking

The sales staff of RFH received Mr. Wu sincerely, and recommended to him the latest infrared laser developed by RFH. Unlike ultraviolet lasers, infrared lasers are a more extensive laser source for material processing, and they are also quite stable during use.


RFH infrared laser has little thermal influence, and the keyboard is not deformed when peeling paint

The RFH infrared laser uses extremely tiny light spots during the paint peeling process to peel the paint one by one on the keyboard surface. It is very friendly to materials such as plastics that are easily deformed by the influence of high temperature. The extremely small thermal effect makes this operation process reduce consumables. .


Infrared laser operation is very simple

In addition, the infrared laser is very simple to operate and can operate continuously for 24 hours. It has greatly improved in terms of time, space, and labor costs. It is very suitable for Mr. Wu's newly designed keyboard to peel paint.

As a company that has been researching lasers for more than ten years, RFH has never been afraid of more difficult processing forms and more demanding marking requirements, and is always on the road towards a higher quality, wider application, and faster RFH.


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