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United States PCB board customer purchase 15W ultraviolet laser

Aug 06 , 2021

United States PCB board customer purchase 15W ultraviolet laser


PCB board, also called printed circuit board, is an important electronic component and a support for electronic components. It is widely used in many electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets, cameras, game consoles and so on. As the volume of electronic equipment becomes smaller and smaller, the cutting requirements for PCB boards are becoming higher and higher.


Sam from United States runs an electronic equipment production factory. He hopes to fully replace the cutting machines on the PCB production line, speed up the cutting efficiency and have a deeper improvement in quality. So he came to RFH and ordered a 15W high-power ultraviolet laser here.


Ultraviolet lasers use high-quality light spots for cutting and marking. Its short pulse, high beam quality, and high peak power makes it stable for contour cutting and grooving in PCB cutting.



The small wavelength is scratched on the PCB surface, leaving a cutting mark. The comprehensive accuracy is high and there are no black edges and burrs. There is no thermal effect on the PCB without any damage. One-time molding saves time and effort in the cutting process.


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