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Green laser is used for paint peeling process of mirror glass

Aug 09 , 2021

Green laser is used for paint peeling process of mirror glass 


Glass mirrors with rich patterns and complex words, such as bathroom glass, glass weight scales, etc., in the age of underdeveloped technology, mirror glass processing technology is very difficult to operate, but also has greater challenges, but with the development of laser technology, the paint peeling process of mirror glass has become more mature.


RFH 532nm green laser is the sophisticated machine of the very brilliant laser peeling process technology. It can peel the paint on the glass mirror surface without scratching the mirror surface. It maintains outstanding level of the speed and the quality..


First of all, the green laser for laser paint peeling is very environmentally friendly. It does not need to use a variety of chemical reagents like traditional processes, avoiding damage to the environment and human body.


Secondly, the green laser peeling paint does not need to touch the mirror surface, but uses a small light spot to process the surface, which will not cause damage to the glass surface.



RFH 532nm green laser is produced in the dust-free workshop throughout the whole process, and the clean production environment ensures that all electronic components are dust-free and pollution-free.

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