10W-15W uv laser

Wire and cable marking customers all praise for the quality of RFH UV laser

Jun 15 , 2021


Wire and cable marking date, batch number all require nanosecond UV laser.


At present, the production date, product batch number, expiration date and other information are all printed on the wires and cables. The ink jet code made by the traditional ink jet printer has the defect that it is easy to be erased.


Jack from Singapore consulted RFH about UV laser marking.

RFH recommended the S9 UV laser, and he could used UV lasers for marking. 

There are no consumables and cannot be changed or erased to ensure that the products will not be forged. In addition, the UV laser will not cause any garbage or pollution when marking, and there is no need for worker to supervise and maintain the laser. The ability to work continuously for 24 hours is sufficient to improve the production efficiency of the factory.


Jack was very satisfied with the RFH S9 series of ultraviolet lasers, and quickly equipped them with the company's production line, and recommended and repurchased them many times. He raved about RFH service and machine quality.

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