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355nm uv laser no touch marking earphone film

Jul 16 , 2021

355nm uv laser no touch marking earphone film


In the production process of the earphone film, the most easily encountered problem is how to ensure the accuracy of its cutting and the problem of turning black and yellow after the earphone film is cut.


In order to cut more accurate earphone film, the headset manufacturer from Dongguan ordered two UV lasers from RFH to participate in the cutting of the earphone film. In the past, the earphone film cutting used the traditional cutting mode, and the traditional mode is no longer used in the current production in terms of speed, quality and cost. On the other hand, RFH UV laser, 335nm wavelength, small spot and frequent speed of light, make this non-contact processing method of laser more suitable for the production of earphone film.


In order to solve the problem of cutting accuracy, RFH chose a cold light source with narrow pulse width and high peak power to make its cutting accuracy up to 0.2mm, which fully meets the installation requirements of the earphone film. In addition, the output energy of cold-worked violet light can stimulate the photochemical reaction of the material, and avoid the blackening, yellowing and deformation of the material caused by excessive heat output at the same time .

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