10W-15W uv laser
  • 3w5w10w UV lasers
    3w5w10w UV lasers are widely used in marking, cutting and drilling
    The ultraviolet nanosecond laser launched by RFH is the result of the company's years of experience in ultraviolet laser research and development. Compared with similar types of ultraviolet lasers at home and abroad, it has a reliable structural output design, excellent beam quality and extremely high laser stability. Features, cost-effective advantages are obvious, can be widely used in laser marking, cutting and drilling and other precision processing fields. The smaller size can avoid the user from enlarging the optical path, and the light output is more stable. It can be better absorbed by the material, and has little damage to the material. The superior beam quality can be strictly guaranteed in all frequency ranges; the heat-affected area is extremely small during processing. Longer life, stable operation and extremely low maintenance cost.
    3w5w10w UV lasers
  •  Laser Marking Router Plastic Case
    RFH 3W 10W 355nm UV Laser Marking Router Plastic Case
    Manager Liu from an electronics factory in Shenzhen happened to come to RFH recently for investigation and investigation. Their company’s main product is a router, so they chose RFH’s nanosecond ultraviolet laser S9 to mark relevant product information on the plastic casing of their products. .
     Laser Marking Router Plastic Case

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