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A German customer buys UV laser to mark on rubber cable

Jun 23 , 2021

A German customer buys UV laser to mark on rubber cable

In order to ensure absolute safety during use in mines, mining rubber cables are designed with extremely strong resistance to bending and elongation. And marking the production date, batch number and other useful information on the mining rubber cable can provide a lot of help in use.


In order to find a new technology to replace the outdated marking technology in the past, the customers from Germany came to the headquarters of RFH to have a deep insight and visit.


During the visit, our engineers enthusiastically demonstrated the use and functional characteristics of RFH 3W5W ultraviolet laser. First of all, the machine only used the light spot to make scratches on the surface of the material during the entire processing process of marking. It would never touch the processed workpiece, and it would not waste materials or produce pollution. It has the safe guarantee for the mining rubber cables..


After listening to the introduction, the customer from Germany expressed his willingness to sign a contract to purchase S9 UV laser with RFH


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