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Carving difficult patterns on glass, RFH 10-watt UV laser can easily handle it

Nov 29 , 2023

Carving difficult patterns on glass, RFH 10-watt UV laser can easily handle it


In today's industrial production field, UV lasers have become the standard in the glass engraving industry. As a high-precision and high-efficiency processing method, UV lasers are widely used in engraving patterns, text and logos on the surfaces of various materials. However, among many UV lasers, the RFH 10-watt UV laser is particularly outstanding in engraving difficult patterns on glass.

laser engraving glss


The RFH 10-watt UV laser adopts advanced laser technology and high-quality components, and has the characteristics of high precision, high speed and high stability. This laser uses short-wavelength ultraviolet light to achieve ultra-fine engraving effects, and has extremely high penetrating power for various glass materials. It can engrave on the lower layer of the surface, avoiding the risk of glass breakage due to mechanical pressure.


In addition, the RFH 10-watt UV laser also has the characteristics of high repeatability, which can control the error of the engraving pattern to the micron level, ensuring the quality and consistency of the product. At the same time, the laser also has high-efficiency and high-speed processing capabilities, and can complete a large number of engraving tasks in a short time, improving production efficiency.


The operation of the RFH 10-watt UV laser is also very simple and convenient. The laser is equipped with an advanced control system and human-machine interface, enabling automated and intelligent operation. Users can easily complete difficult engraving tasks through simple parameter settings and operation command input. In addition, the laser also has safety protection and fault diagnosis functions to ensure the safe and stable operation of the equipment.


In short, the RFH 10-watt UV laser is a high-precision, high-efficiency, and easy-to-operate processing equipment. The laser demonstrates excellent performance and processing capabilities when it comes to engraving difficult patterns on glass. Whether for large enterprises or small processing plants, the RFH 10-watt UV laser is an ideal glass engraving equipment.

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