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Why choose RFH UV solid-state lasers

Dec 01 , 2023

For sixteen years, RFH has been committed to one thing - focusing on the development of high-end, high-quality, high-precision UV solid-state lasers. The professionalism and complexity of this field require us to continuously deepen and strive for excellence in technological research and development. From the initial basic research to the current transformation of results, RFH has always insisted on continuous investment in the field of ultraviolet solid lasers and has achieved a series of remarkable achievements.


Ultraviolet solid laser is an important branch of the current laser technology field. Compared with traditional gas lasers, UV solid-state lasers have the advantages of higher energy density, longer service life, and lower maintenance costs. Therefore, UV solid-state lasers are widely used in many fields, such as material processing, medical treatment, scientific research, etc.



RFH has rich experience and profound technical accumulation in the research and development of UV solid-state lasers. Our team consists of a group of professional scientific researchers and engineers who focus on core technology research and product development of UV solid-state lasers. Through sixteen years of continuous efforts, we have achieved many breakthrough results, including high-efficiency laser transmitters, advanced cooling technology, reliable control systems, etc.


In addition to continuous breakthroughs in technology research and development, RFH also attaches great importance to product quality and performance. We always insist on being customer-oriented and aiming to provide high-quality, high-performance products. Our products undergo strict quality control and performance testing to ensure they can operate stably under various conditions and provide customers with long-lasting and reliable laser sources.


After sixteen years of focus and hard work, RFH has become a leader in the field of UV solid-state lasers. Our products have been widely used and recognized in domestic and foreign markets. In the future, we will continue to uphold the spirit of professionalism and concentration, continue to deepen technology research and development, improve product performance and quality, and provide customers with better services and more advanced laser technology solutions.

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