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The advantages of laser marking machine marking labels

Feb 26 , 2021

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The advantages of laser marking machine marking labels 

With the improvement of living standards, more and more types of daily necessities have become an indispensable part of people’s daily lives. Clear markings on icons, environmental labels, parameters and other information on daily necessities are particularly important, which can remind the safety of goods. The scope and duration of use.

Some daily necessities use external production and processing methods such as printing, sticking labels, hot stamping and shrinking outer packaging. It does not take into account that some products may easily lead to blurred identification information and identification loss during use, causing inconvenience to users. Laser marking technology is a more advanced technology with fast processing speed. The printed marks have the characteristics of long-lasting, anti-counterfeiting and high quality, without other processes, and are suitable for various metal and non-metal materials.

The working principle of the Triumph laser marking machine is to concentrate the laser on the surface of the object being marked with a very high energy density, in a very short time, vaporize the material on the surface, and control the effective displacement of the laser beam to accurately It is a green and safe marking equipment that engraves exquisite patterns or texts without consumables and is more convenient to maintain.

The advantages of Triumph laser marking machines are mainly as follows:

1. The marked graphics and text are of high precision, cannot be wiped, and will not fade, the anti-counterfeiting effect is obvious, and it is also conducive to product tracking records;

2. Increasing the added value can make the product look higher and enhance the brand’s popularity;

3. High efficiency, no consumables, primary finished product, wide range of applicable materials, no secondary investment required;

4. When using daily necessities, no harmful elements will be generated, and one more safety guarantee!

In the context of high-tech environment,

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