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ULPN-355-M, up to 10 W Ultraviolet Pulsed Fiber Laser Module-IPG

May 25 , 2023

ULPN-355-M, up to 10 W Ultraviolet Pulsed Fiber Laser Module-IPG

IPG Photonics’ ULPN-M Series ultraviolet nanosecond fiber lasers provide high peak power with scalable average output power up to 10 W, 1.5 ns pulse duration at full operational repetition rate range of 10-1000 kHz. The all fiber format allows for the adjustment of pulse energy and/or pulse repetition rate without affecting any of the output beam parameters. IPG’s novel fiber lasers are much more efficient and compact than conventional lasers now on the market, and are ideal for applications in the solar/photovoltaic arena, resistor trimming and marking of transparent materials. The short wavelength, short pulse duration and high peak power result in very small heat affected zone.

Today,we will recommend you RFH UV laser brand from China.

20watt high power uv laser source cutting ceramics

Expert III 355 Ultra-Stable Nanosecond UV Laser 10W12W15W


Expert III 355 series UV DPSS laser, developed and produced by RFH, covers 10w-15w in laser power with short pulse width (<20ns@40K) ,superior beam quality (M²<1.2) and perfect laser spot quality (beam circularity >90%). It is widely used in PE/PCB/FPC cutting, glass & sapphire cutting, drilling, scribing & cutting used in high precision micromaching areas.

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