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Ultraviolet laser for curing 3D printing process-nylon resin 3D printing

Jun 04 , 2021

High-quality 3D printing model processing, UV laser is indispensable

Ultraviolet laser for light curing 3D printing process-nylon resin 3D printing

A good solid-state UV laser can make 3D printing and processing creative


In modern life, nylon resin furnishings such as figurines have entered our lives. For comic fans and film fans, 3D printed figurines have become a way for them to express their love of works and characters.


Then, the fineness of the 3D printed hand model and the cutting process have become one of the ways to distinguish whether the product is good.


In 2009, the 355nm UV laser developed and produced by RFH is widely used in light-curing 3D printing processing services and nylon resin 3D printing work, establishing an excellent brand image in the laser market of 3D printing rapid prototyping industry. The nylon resin 3D printed works obtained by the RFH brand UV laser participating in the production and marking can be well cut in all aspects and show the most vivid characters and character designs in front of consumers. In addition, the products produced by it are easy to color, have abrasion resistance, and have great guarantees in terms of product effectiveness and aesthetics.

 13 years of deep cultivation, RFH's new solid-state UV laser S9 is coming!

"Small size", "±0.002mm high precision", "high power stability", and "high cost performance" are the core advantages of RFH S9 UV lasers.

 If you want to do good things, you must first sharpen your tools. To achieve high-quality processing of 3D printing, ultraviolet lasers can be said to be indispensable, but if you want to have a solid-state ultraviolet laser with high cost performance, stable quality and convenient operation, More rare. A good processing equipment will provide more help for high-quality production of 3D printing and continuous personalized innovation. RFH Laser has devoted 13 years of research and development, and continues to provide the market with lasers with stable power, high integration, excellent beam quality, long life, high speed and high precision. The cost-effective S9 series of solid-state UV lasers developed through continuous innovation have achieved a high accuracy of ±0.02mm, while being smaller and more stable, and can be efficiently used in various 3D marking equipment fields.

Compared with products of the same type, S9 series lasers are smaller in size, exquisitely designed, and more stable in light output. The compact design is not only simple to save space and convenient to move, it can also avoid the user from making a large optical path, which greatly reduces the production and processing costs.


The new S9 has excellent quality and strong competitiveness. The laser has a wavelength of 354.7nm and a wide range of repetition frequency (single pulse to 200kHz), which can be better absorbed by the material and is less destructive to the material. The superior beam quality (M2<1.2) can be strictly guaranteed in all frequency ranges; the pulse width is <20ns@30k, and the heat-affected area during processing is extremely small.


The S9 series also adopts unique Q-adjusting control technology, and uses fully digital intelligent power supply to control the operation. It is easy to operate and comes with an internal cavity self-purification system, which has a longer life, more stable operation and low maintenance cost.

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The powerful after-sales guarantee system guarantees your continuous high-quality production. This series can be widely used in electronic product marking, electrical appliance shell marking, consumer electronics micro-processing and other fields.

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