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Why are more and more manufacturers selecting 355nm UV laser marking

Feb 06 , 2023

Why are more and more manufacturers selecting 355nm UV laser marking 

The growing need for product traceability and branding drives more and more manufacturers to integrate product coding and marking systems into their production environment. UV lasers have become progressively more affordable and inexpensive to operate (because of low maintenance requirement and no need for consumables). The systems are capable of high-speed marking of many substrates and are ready to use with a quick and simple set-up.

UV laser marking vs. Inkjet marking 

Laser Marking Advantages

Markings are high resolution & precise

Markings are permanent

Tamper-resistant marking

No consumables cost

Can mark on wet, hot, cold surfaces

Can mark on stepped, inclined, cylindrical, and conical surfaces

Very low maintenance

The item need not be moving during marking

Clean operation


Higher initial cost

 Inkjet Marking Advantages

Lower initial cost

Marking speed (in some instances)


On-going consumables cost

Need for regular maintenance & clogged print-head

Inks may contain harmful chemicals and release strong odors & not-environmentally friendly

Limited print area & size

Print-head has to be close to the print surface

Often messy operation with ink deposits on the floor beneath the printer 

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