10W-15W uv laser

Green laser marking on beer bottle body date is not deformed

Mar 19 , 2021

uv laser

Green laser has a small thermal influence and the marking on beer bottle body date is not deformed.


On September 1, the freshmen's school day. On this day, RFH also gained the orders from loyal customers again. The orders of 5 sets of 532 green lasers are used to mark the date of the beer bottle. Glass beer bottles are fragile, so engraving on the surface of glass products requires high craftsmanship. Laser marking is a non-contact processing with short processing time and fine marking lines. It is very suitable for marking patterns or text information on the surface of glass materials.


The green laser has a wavelength of 532nm and has low thermal influence. It can engrave any pattern on glass products with high definition and no deformation. Therefore, the green laser marking technology gives glass products a higher artistic value.



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