10W-15W uv laser

High power UV laser cutting machine cuts carbon fiber materials with high speed, smooth and burr free

Aug 10 , 2021

what are the carbon fiber industrial products

Carbon fiber has always been the king of many new materials. From F1 racing components to home decoration materials, the demand for carbon fiber in almost all walks of life continues to be strong. Carbon fiber has the characteristics of light weight, toughness and strong corrosion resistance. Compared with traditional steel, carbon fiber can only weigh 25% under the same strength. It is for this reason that more and more high-end industries begin to widely use carbon fiber.

At present, the industries widely used are mainly in the fields of lightweight sports cars, aerospace equipment, military facilities and medical devices. These industries not only require good materials, but also have very high precision for device processing. Due to the cost of carbon fiber, the processing difficulty increases sharply. Current situation of carbon fiber processing 

In the past, carbon fiber was processed by traditional machinery, and the yield was not high, which was also the reason for the high price of carbon fiber. Water cutting and grinding wheel cutting are common machining methods, but their advantages are not obvious. 

case of laser cutting carbon fiber

The non-contact and controllable way of laser itself is a very good means, but due to the inaccurate control of laser power in the past, the power is too small, the cutting is incomplete, and the power is too large, it will easily cause burrs on the edge

However, laser has a natural advantage, because there is no contact in cutting, and the precise processing of carbon fiber will not lead to deformation.

Now, RFH laser has won the carbon fiber material at one stroke, accurately controlled high-power cutting, very fast processing speed and high precision.

RFH S9 series UV laser, which has great advantages in cutting new materials, was born

Leading edge of RFH S9 processing new materials The biggest difficulty in carbon fiber processing is the accurate adjustment of power. RFH S9 series UV laser has an ultra-high precision of ± 0.02mm, which can fully ensure the accurate cutting demand. When facing anisotropic cutting, RFH S9 series UV lasers can face calmly and have strict guarantee in all frequency ranges.

In addition to the high-precision hardware foundation, the fully digital display operation panel carries out communication control through the computer, accurately adjusts each parameter, makes the adjustment more intuitive, and the equipment integration is very high.

RFH S9 series UV laser function

RFH S9 series violet laser has the advantages of small volume, very space saving, no need to make a large optical path, very convenient installation and high cost performance.

In terms of power supply design, RFH has adjusted the power control system to be very stable through 15 years of R & D technology accumulation.

The stability of power control will directly affect the performance of laser. RFH S9 series purple laser has the confidence and strength of high stability power supply.

RFH S9 series UV laser help to reduce the cost of raw materials

With the wide use of RFH S9 series purple laser, carbon fiber material cutting will improve the yield, help to reduce the cost of raw materials and kill two birds with one stone.

Laser application has entered a new era. With the birth of various new materials, the non-contact processing method of laser cutting will eventually be popularized, and more new materials will be widely used.

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