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Dubai customer buys UV DPSS laser for marking projection equipment

Aug 10 , 2021

Dubai customer buys UV DPSS laser for marking projection equipment


As the requirements for projection colors continue to rise, the laser marking requirements for color projection films are getting higher and higher. A projection processing factory in Dubai is looking for UV lasers to meet the new requirements.


RFH UV laser uses its small wavelength to perform laser marking on the surface of the material, which is a non-contact processing. It is also the small wavelength of 335nm, which makes it have the characteristics of high beam quality and small spot, which can achieve more stringent color projection film marking standards.


In addition, RFH UV and UV lasers can accept color projection films of various sizes. Because of its very fast marking speed, it can quickly complete the marking task. It is simple to operate and can be easily used without long training. The characteristics of no consumables and no smoke and dust also make it almost zero pollution to the human body and the environment, which is a green and environmentally friendly product.



This factory from Dubai Province has determined to choose RFH S9 UV laser for laser marking after inspection in RFH. He said that RFH design and performance can show his hope in his projection factory. I found my original intention to create a brand.

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