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Laser engraving and marking process in carton packaging, glass engraving, leather field

Jul 01 , 2021

Laser engraving and marking process in carton packaging, glass engraving, leather field


Nowadays, lasers have more and more extensive applications in the field of engraving. Since the middle and late 1990s, with the successful research and development of laser engraving technology, the engraving industry has begun to develop rapidly. So far, the application of laser engraving has spread in almost every industry, and it has become a common technology application in our daily work.



The principle of laser engraving


How does the laser realize the engraving?


Laser engraving is based on numerical control technology, and laser is the processing medium. The physical modification of the processed material instantaneously melted and vaporized under laser irradiation to achieve the purpose of processing. Laser processing characteristics: no contact with the surface of the material, unaffected by mechanical movement, the surface will not be deformed, and generally do not need to be fixed. Not affected by the elasticity and flexibility of the material, it is convenient for soft materials. The processing precision is high, the speed is fast, and the application field is wide.




Advantages of laser engraving


It is environmentally friendly and energy-saving, pollution-free, does not contain any toxic substances, and is easy to pass RoHS standards and easy to produce.


Material saving: laser processing adopts computer programming, which can cut products of different shapes, maximize the utilization rate of materials, and greatly reduce the cost of materials for enterprises.


Accurate and meticulous: The thinnest line width of laser engraving on the surface of the material can reach 0.015mm, and the width of laser engraving is generally 0.1~0.5mm, and there is no heat-affected zone.

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Application of laser engraving


1. Application in the printing field


Due to the low cost of laser engraving on paper packaging materials, only a quarter of the cost of resin plates, laser engraving is generally used as a corrugated box packaging printing plate in the current printing and packaging industry.



Laser engraving realizes engraving by means of dots, which has natural advantages in terms of grayscale performance. For this reason, grayscale representation is used as much as possible in the engraving design. This has the advantage of reducing the coloring process and saving costs; on the other hand, it enriches the expression means of engraving and increases the level of graphics.


2. Application in the field of handicrafts


Laser engraving is projected to the surface of the material by a high-energy laser beam, causing physical and chemical changes on the surface of the material, thereby obtaining engraved crafts with visible patterns.


Acrylic, the most common material in our lives, is actually a kind of plexiglass, which can be easily carved into various shapes and sizes, and the cost is low.



The plexiglass produced by the casting method has a very white frosting effect after laser engraving, which is in sharp contrast with the original transparent texture, and can produce very good results after engraving; the plexiglass produced by the calendering method after laser engraving It is still transparent and does not have a sufficient contrast effect, so it is relatively less used.


3. Application in the leather field


The leather industry uses laser engraving to break the problems of slow speed of traditional manual and electric shears, difficult typesetting, low efficiency and serious material waste. Laser processing can be used for perforating and hollowing out various leather, fur, shoe materials, etc., and special patterns and effects can be arbitrarily portrayed to make the processing more refined and creative.


When engraving leather products, the laser light path change is driven by two galvanometer motors, and the third axis is driven by the pre-scanning focusing system, so that the focus distance can be broadly adjusted. The laser irradiation is controlled to vaporize the dye on the leather surface. In this way, effects such as non-fading image patterns, gradual flower shapes, and perforated hollows can be produced on various leathers.



Recommended model: RFH Expert III 355 UV laser


RFH’s Expert III 355 UV laser is an excellent laser engraver. This model has superior beam quality (M2<1.2), which is strictly guaranteed in all frequency ranges; pulse width <20ns@40k, wavelength 354.7nm, The repetition frequency covers a wide range (single pulse to 200kHz), and can output a highly efficient and stable laser beam when used for engraving.



In addition, this model adopts unique Q-switching control technology, which is suitable for various laser engraving application control needs. The internal cavity self-purification system has a long life and stable operation.


In terms of control, it has all-digital intelligent power control technology, which is simple to operate and convenient to monitor. It supports communication with a computer, and the laser can be controlled externally through RS232; the integrated design facilitates the integration of equipment.


13 years of craftsmanship forging, choose RFH solid-state laser, let your engraving process, production efficiency one step ahead.

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