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RFH nanosecond UV laser marking ceramics

Feb 02 , 2021

RFH nanosecond UV laser marking ceramics


RFH UV laser marking ceramics are clear, beautiful and durable


Ceramic laser marking, RFH UV laser marking process is clearer


At present, UV laser marking is the main process used for surface marking of ceramic products. Compared with the traditional silk screen printing, inkjet printing and other processes, UV laser marking marks are clearer, more beautiful, and not easy to disappear. Therefore, they are not easy to imitate and change. To a certain extent, they have strong anti-counterfeiting, which is very important for manufacturers and consumers. Everyone has a high guarantee. In addition, the processing efficiency of UV laser marking is also higher, marking a product in a short time. However, this requires high-quality, professional UV laser marking equipment.

uv laser

The 355nm series of ultraviolet lasers developed and produced by RFH have been widely used in marking the surface of ceramic products. Its pulse width is short (<20ns@30k), the heat-affected area is small during processing, the beam quality is superior (M2<1.2), it is strictly guaranteed in all frequency ranges, and the spot characteristics are perfect (spot ellipticity>90%) Therefore, it can be used for long-term marking and processing of the surface of ceramic products to ensure the yield rate and help manufacturers achieve efficient production and profitability.


The strength of RFH's 355nm ultraviolet laser is due to the strong technical strength and rigorous quality management system mechanism behind it. Our technical research and development team is composed of professors, experts and doctors at home and abroad, with strong strength. We set up an application process research and development department, a laser research and development department, and an electrical research and development department. We are obsessed with each process of the laser, debugging the stability of the power supply + laser + cooling system, so that it can maintain the stability under extreme industrial and scientific research conditions. The same stable quality, constant beam quality and high efficiency and durability.


We have cultivated in this way for 12 years. In this process, we have obtained 10 national patent certificates, 14 computer software copyright certificates, and certificates such as "National High-tech Enterprise", "Shenzhen High-tech Enterprise", and "Software Enterprise Certification". The Provincial 3D Printing Industry Innovation Alliance and the Guangdong Laser Industry Association were appointed as the governing units. At the same time, they have won high recognition and good reputation from users in all walks of life at home and abroad, and established an excellent brand image in the nanosecond laser industry.

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