10W-15W uv laser

RFH UV laser is ideal for perfect cutting and drilling of mobile phone tempered glass film

RFH UV laser for cutting and drilling screen protector tempered glass film for for iPhone

RFH 355nm UV laser can cut screen protector tempered glass film with smooth and even cutting edges

uv laser

With touch screen being increasingly used, the demand of mobile phone tempered glass film is also increasing. However, the sizes of different mobile phone brands are different, so the tempered glass film needs to be cut and drilled to required size.


In the past, people used traditional CNC cutting technique on tempered glass film, but this method can easily lead to micro cracks or broken edges.


So how to prevent tempered glass film from damaging during the cutting process? Well, RFH UV laser can help.


The tempered glass film using RFH 355 series UV laser to drill and cut on won’t damage because of heat or crack because of instability. Instead, its cutting edges are quite smooth and the drilled holes are very round, making it more suitable to be used in smart phones. 


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