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Traditional technology cannot meet the requirements of mobile phone marking

Jun 16 , 2021

Traditional technology cannot meet the requirements of mobile phone marking. 3W5W nanosecond laser came into being.


With the continuous improvement of users and manufacturers' requirements for mobile phone logos, traditional technologies can no longer meet the logo marking requirements of mobile phone accessories. Therefore, RFH UV lasers has come into being.


RFH UV laser is a clean and pollution-free environmentally friendly high-tech product. It can mark on the surface without contact with the raw material. The production are good in effect, clear in marking, with the characteristics of high-precision engraving, high definition,  high durability, high degree and high wear resistance.


Jason, from the United States, ordered 10 RFH 3W5W nanosecond lasers last week, which were mainly used for marking mobile phone accessories, such as mobile phone cases, chargers, earphones and data cables.

uv laser

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