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Ubiquitous Laser Industry - UV Laser Marking on Plastic Shell, Clear and Efficient

Nov 13 , 2023

Ubiquitous Laser Industry - UV Laser Marking on Plastic Shell, Clear and Efficient


Laser technology is no stranger to everyone, with lasers being widely used in various fields. Among them, laser marking is one of the most common applications.


Laser marking involves using a laser beam to engrave text, patterns, or QR codes on the surface of an object for identification, decoration, or anti-counterfeiting purposes. Compared to traditional processes like etching, laser marking offers advantages such as high speed, excellent results, low cost, and environmental friendliness. It can be applied to the surface treatment of various materials.


Among all the materials used for laser marking, plastic shells are the most common in industrial products. Due to their insulation, stability, and durability, plastic shells are often used to protect the internal structure and components of electronic products or machinery. Many pieces of information need to be marked on the surface of these plastic shells, including but not limited to brand logos, product parameters, production dates, and QR codes. Therefore, laser marking on plastic shells is a crucial process that directly impacts the quality, aesthetics, and safety of the products.


RFH utilizes UV lasers to mark on plastic shells, allowing for clear, beautiful, and permanent graphics and text. It offers several advantages:


- UV lasers are considered "cold light" and do not cause thermal damage or deformation to the plastic shells, ensuring the integrity and stability of the products.


- RFH's UV lasers have precise power control, resulting in delicate, smooth markings without burrs. They do not affect the tactile and visual quality of the plastic shells, elevating the product's grade and value.


- RFH's UV lasers offer fast marking speed, high efficiency, and high precision, enabling large-scale and high-quality production, saving time and cost.


- Compared to traditional processes, UV laser marking is pollution-free, noiseless, and consumes no consumables. It meets environmental requirements and reduces waste and noise pollution's impact on the environment and human health.


RFH's use of UV laser marking on plastic shells is representative of its expertise. As a company specialized in the research, production, and sales of UV solid-state lasers, RFH holds multiple national patents and independent intellectual property rights and offers a wide range of distinctive UV solid-state lasers.


Recommended RFH laser: D9 355 Series UV Laser


RFH's D9 series solid-state UV lasers feature high power, excellent stability, long lifespan, and compact size. They are suitable for marking various plastic materials, achieving clear, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing results.


The D9 series solid-state UV lasers are one of RFH's latest flagship products in 2023. With an output wavelength of 354.7nm and output power ranging from 3W to 5W, they can meet different marking needs.


The D9 series solid-state UV lasers have a compact size and incorporate the latest optimized internal structure, allowing for a stable optical path with high precision of ±0.02mm. Additionally, the smaller size of the D9 series UV lasers eliminates the need for a large optical path, significantly reducing costs and saving space for users.


The D9 series solid-state UV lasers from RFH offer enhanced stability and expandability compared to similar products. The same laser cavity can generate lasers with different power levels, all with significantly improved stability. They support full digital intelligent power control technology and can be easily operated and monitored through RS232 communication, allowing for convenient integration into various systems.


The D9 series solid-state UV lasers from RFH are outstanding in performance, reliable in quality, and reasonably priced. They are worthy of your trust and selection.


If you would like to learn more about RFH's UV laser marking on plastic shells, you can leave a message in the comments section of this article or contact their customer service through the official WeChat account's menu. RFH looks forward to cooperating with you and providing you with the highest-quality service and satisfaction.

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