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UV laser high-speed marking N95 face mask with reduced thermal damage

Feb 22 , 2021

RFH UV laser high-speed marking N95 face mask with reduced thermal damage

As the main material of the N95 face mask, meltblown cloth has a thin surface and cannot be processed in a hot environment casually. Other laser light sources will produce high temperatures during processing. Only short-wavelength (355nm) ultraviolet lasers have little thermal impact and will not produce high temperatures during marking. What’s more, it will not cause damage to the N95 face mask. 

The cold light source such as RFH UV laser has a small focus spot, which is very suitable for precisely marking tiny materials with clear marking and no burrs. 

Most N95 face mask manufacturers use ultraviolet laser marking machines to cooperate with production, and ultraviolet laser marking machines are required to mark the LOGO production date, breathing valve, and packaging bags. As an outstanding supplier of the core components of the marking machine, RFH, the UV laser produced can fully meet the demanding marking requirements of N95 face masks, and can be combined with the production line to achieve streamlined laser coding, improve production efficiency and ensure beautiful appearance.

UV laser

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