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UV laser marking plastic bottle caps will not deform or burn

Feb 01 , 2021

UV laser marking plastic bottle caps will not deform or burn

It takes less than one second to mark the production date of plastic bottle caps with RFH UV laser


The clear and fast RFH UV laser helps marking manufacturers win the trust of consumers

The production date of Chubang soy sauce plastic bottle caps are all marked with UV laser

Drinks, for many people (including the RFH laser editor), are a magical thing that says no to the mouth, but is honest. Milk tea, cola, and coffee, although I know that drinking too much will make you fat, I still like to drink it. After all, these magical drinks can relieve us and feel happy in the fast-paced work and life.

uv laser

When we buy beverages, we will do one thing first-look at the production date and shelf life, because this is related to our health, and expired beverages will harm our health.


The production date and shelf life information we see now mainly comes in two forms: one is laser marking and the other is ink jet printing (a small part of it is in the form of label paper). Comparing the two forms, ink jet printing has advantages in price, and laser marking has advantages in effect (resolution, wear resistance), speed, and environmental protection. With the continuous decline of laser equipment manufacturing costs, laser marking has gradually replaced ink jet printing and has become the mainstream form of date marking for beverage bottle cap production.


At present, RFH laser has several laser products, which are deeply loved by manufacturers of this type of laser marking equipment. Today, I will introduce one of them: Expert Ⅱ series 355nm ultraviolet laser.


Expert Ⅱ series 355nm ultraviolet laser has short pulse width (<14ns@30K), perfect spot characteristics (spot ellipticity>90%), and superior beam quality (M2<1.2), strict in all frequency ranges Guarantee, so it can process clear and delicate markings of production date and other information, and the heat-affected area is very small, there will be no thermal effect, and the material will not be deformed or burnt. This is the processing effect it delivers, and behind this effect is a series of technical support.


1. All-digital intelligent power control technology, independently developed by RFH laser company’s Tsinghua professor and doctoral-level R&D team, can update the power control system functional modules in time, and improve the functional modules according to laser requirements; 2. The internal cavity self-purification system makes The laser has a long life and stable operation; third, the unique Q-switching control technology is suitable for various laser application control needs, and the operation is very simple; fourth, its production process: it uses imported brand pumps, Q switches and other core components and domestic The first-line brand components are manufactured by a rigorous production quality management system, and after many R&D and debugging, they are carefully built, so that they can maintain consistent stable quality, constant beam quality, and high efficiency under extreme industrial and scientific research conditions. Power consumption characteristics.


Of course, there are other advanced and intelligent functional modules, such as supporting communication with a computer, and external control of the laser through RS232; integrated design, convenient equipment integration, and so on.


This is the simple operation and long-term stable processing UV laser currently used by many manufacturers. It is one of the first-class products that RFH Laser has cultivated in the nanosecond laser industry for 12 years.


Warm reminder: RFH 10-15W high-power UV laser will attend Sino-Pack in China International Packaging Industry Exhibition on March 4-6, 2020 and Shanghai Optical Expo in Munich on March 18-20

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