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The application prospects of laser cutting technology on solar cells

May 22 , 2021

The application prospects of laser cutting technology on solar cells


       Thin-film solar cell products can be divided into two types: crystalline silicon thin-film batteries and other thin-film batteries. The former includes monocrystalline silicon cells and polycrystalline silicon cells. Wafer cutting is the key to the production of monocrystalline silicon cells. Wire cutting is usually used for slicing. Wire cutting is somewhat efficient, but the thickness of the silicon wafer is large, the cutting flatness is poor, and the edges are easy to crack.

uv laser


        Compared with the wire cutting technology, laser cutting adopts non-contact processing and stress-free, so the cutting edge is flat and steam, without loss, and will not damage the wafer structure, which not only improves the yield, reduces the cost, but also has a small slit width and high precision. , The laser power is adjustable, and the cutting thickness can be controlled to realize the thinning of the solar cell. Laser cutting technology can be applied to scribing and cutting large-area cells, accurately controlling the cutting precision and thickness, further reducing cutting debris, and improving battery utilization.



        Due to the characteristics of high precision and non-contact processing, laser cutting technology has a very broad prospect in solar cells.

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