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Germany customer buy uv laser source to engrave ABS plastic

Jul 30 , 2021

Germany customer buy uv laser source to engrave ABS plastic 


RFH UV laser technology is a technology that uses lasers to produce scratches on the surface of the object to be printed, and can be applied to the marking of black ABS plastic.


Corinne from Germany came to RFH to witness the charm of UV lasers for the purpose of ordering and investigating long-term cooperation. The marking speed of the UV laser is very fast, and the black ABS plastic placed on the machine panel is completely marked within a few seconds. The UV laser has high-quality light source, small precise focusing spot, and can mark pictures and words with an accuracy of 0.2mm.



In addition, laser marking has changed the shortcomings of traditional ink markers in the past. It does not need to consume ink, and does not have to endure the pollution of ink splashes, but is produced in a greener environment. The most important thing is that the processing heat-affected zone of the ultraviolet laser marker is small, and there is no thermal effect, which completely avoids the problem of material scorching and deformation, making the processing quality higher.

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