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RFH 5W ultraviolet laser is quickly welcomed by covid-19 test plastic film manufacturers

Aug 02 , 2021

RFH 5W ultraviolet laser  is quickly welcomed by covid-19 test plastic film manufacturers





RFH has specially developed a 5W ultraviolet laser for the covid-19 test plastic film, which far exceeds the traditional ink jet coding technology in terms of speed, quality and stability.


First of all, the plastic ink marks marked by ink jet coding technology are not uniform, and there is a relatively large deficiency in aesthetics and information expression. Secondly, plastic materials marked by traditional methods are easy to be erased over time, which also leads to the limitation of anti-counterfeiting effect and allows criminals to take advantage of it.


So, in what way does the 5W ultraviolet laser change these shortcomings? The 5W ultraviolet laser uses ultraviolet light spot to scratch and engrave the surface of plastic materials. In the production process, it can mark the indelible pictures and words without consumables.


In addition, the indelible nature of the UV laser marker also obliterates the possibility of counterfeiting drugs to a certain extent, making the use of drugs safer. The 5W ultraviolet laser is inexpensive, faster, and has guaranteed quality and accuracy. It is an environmentally friendly and green technology, and it is quickly welcomed by manufacturers.

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