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RFH's D9 355 Series UV Laser Makes a Grand Appearance at the 2023 Laser World of Photonics South China

Nov 13 , 2023

Exciting News | Domestic Debut! RFH's D9 355 Series UV Laser Makes a Grand Appearance at the 2023 Laser World of Photonics South China


On October 30, 2023, Laser World of Photonics South China opened grandly at the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center, attracting thousands of laser companies and professional visitors from around the world. The RFH Laser D9 355 series nanosecond UV laser made its domestic debut at this exhibition!


RFH's Heavy Release: D9 355 Series UV Solid-State Lasers


At this exhibition, RFH unveiled its heavyweight product, the D9 355 series laser. It is a nanosecond pulsed UV solid-state laser with a power range of 3W to 5W, offering high stability, cost-effectiveness, and precision.


In terms of specifications, the laser wavelength of this series is 354.7nm, with a pulse width of <15ns and power stability less than 2% rms. These lasers are primarily suitable for fine processing or marking of material surfaces or interiors, such as metals, ceramics, plastics, and glass.


Exhibition Highlights: D9 355 Shines Brightly


At the exhibition, RFH staff provided detailed introductions of the performance features and application cases of the D9 355 series UV lasers to visitors, accompanied by live demonstrations. Many visitors expressed strong interest in this series, inquiring about potential collaborations.


The RFH D9 355 series UV laser is an innovative product developed after years of technological accumulation and market research. It reflects RFH's profound insights and response to the development trends and customer demands of the Chinese laser industry. This series not only possesses excellent performance and quality but also exhibits high market competitiveness and development potential.


Exhibition Glimpse: Application Fields


In addition to the eye-catching D9 355 series UV solid-state lasers, the on-site application effects of RFH laser products at the exhibition were also impressive, showcasing diverse applications and outstanding quality.


These applications included laser-printed electronic circuit boards made using PCB technology, where the wires are precisely printed to ensure circuit stability and safety. Laser-etched phone cases made by removing paint from the surface of plastic, revealing the original plastic texture and patterns, enhancing the individuality and aesthetics of the phone cases. And laser-marked mobile hard drive enclosures with clear, beautiful, and durable markings on the metal surface.


These laser-made products attracted the attention and admiration of many visitors, demonstrating RFH lasers' excellent performance and wide applicability in different materials and fields.


We sincerely invite you to visit the RFH Laser booth for exchange and experience


As one of China's leading laser manufacturers, RFH Laser is showcasing its excellent laser products at the exhibition.


RFH's laser products are widely used in precision marking, drilling, wire stripping, internal carving, paint removal, and other fields, receiving unanimous praise from domestic and foreign customers.


With 16 years of craftsmanship, RFH currently has a senior top-level laser R&D team dedicated to the research, production, and sales of nanosecond infrared lasers, picosecond infrared lasers, nanosecond UV lasers, and nanosecond green lasers. It also possesses multiple independent intellectual property rights and patented technologies.


Participating in the Shenzhen Munich South China Laser Exhibition is a rare opportunity for RFH to engage in in-depth communication and cooperation with laser peers and customers from home and abroad, showcasing its technical strength and brand image.


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