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New way to play with glass tubes, RFH LASER high-precision perforation, no burrs and no cracks

Dec 05 , 2023

In the scientific research, medical, industrial, and even decorative industries, the seemingly inconspicuous glass tube plays an important role. Glass tubes are characterized by high transparency, high hardness, and good heat resistance, but there is also a problem with glass tubes,that is how to drill holes in glass tubes.




Glass tube perforation may seem simple, but it is a technically difficult process because the wall thickness of the glass tube is very thin, and the glass itself is a brittle material, which is prone to cracks, chips, breakage and other problems. If you choose the traditional mechanical punching, not only the efficiency is low and the precision is poor, but also cause burrs, scratches, burns and other defects on the surface of the glass tube, which will affect the quality and aesthetics of the glass tube.



Therefore, glass tube perforation needs a more advanced, more efficient and more accurate method, which is RFH UV laser perforation.

UV laser perforation is a process that uses a high-energy, short-wavelength laser beam emitted by a UV laser to generate instantaneous high temperature and high pressure on the surface of a glass tube, causing the glass tube to melt or vaporize, thus forming a hole. UV laser perforation has the following advantages:


- High precision.


UV laser perforation can achieve processing precision that is difficult to reach by traditional machinery, easily make holes with diameters ranging from a few micrometers to a few millimeters, and the shape, size and position of the holes can be precisely controlled to meet personalized needs.


 -Fast speed.


The speed of UV laser punching is very fast, and due to the use of computer control, set the parameters can be completed semi-automatic processing, production efficiency increases significantly, saving time and cost.


 -Good quality.


UV laser perforation is a non-contact processing, and UV laser belongs to the "cold light", will not cause mechanical pressure or thermal stress on the glass tube, so there will be no cracks,  fragmentation, breakage and other problems, and the surface of the glass tube, burrs, scratches, burns and other defects can be avoided, to ensure that the quality of the glass tube and aesthetic.


-Environmental safety.


UV laser perforation will not produce harmful gases, liquids or solid wastes, and will not pollute or harm the environment and human body, which is a green processing method.


RFH was founded in 2007, after 16 years of development and precipitation, it is now a well-known manufacturer of industrial-grade all-solid-state solid-state lasers in China. RFH LASER currently has an industrial-grade laser research and development team composed of professors, experts and doctors from home and abroad, and the innovation never stops.


In 2023, RFH released two new products one after another, one is the F9 series released earlier, and the other is the D9-355 series of UV solid-state lasers to be introduced today.


RFH D9-355 UV laser (3W+)


This newly launched RFH D9-355 UV laser has a more compact size than F9 and further optimizes the internal structure to make the light path more stable. Thanks to the small and compact design, users don't need to make a large optical path, which can greatly reduce the cost, save space, and lightweight installation in the flight marking equipment.

RFH D9-355 UV laser has a laser wavelength of 354.7nm, a wide coverage of repetition frequency (20kHz to 200kHz), and superior beam quality (M²<;1.2), pulse width <15ns@30k, and a very small heat-affected zone during processing.

In terms of performance parameters, RFH D9-355 UV laser has already achieved the leading level of similar products, adopting self-developed embedded laser special power supply control system, laser head + power supply control system integrated design, improve the stability of the product, easy to move.

RFH D9-355 UV laser can realize glass tube punching with high precision, high efficiency and high quality, which provides a new solution for glass tube processing.


As a professional laser manufacturer, RFH LASER not only provides high quality laser products, but also provides perfect pre-sale, sale and after-sale service, provides professional technical support and consultation for customers, and provides you with the best solution and the most satisfactory result.

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