10W-15W uv laser
  • laser 3D subsurface engraving
    green lasers for 3D subsurface engraving
    To make all this work, we need a “green” laser. Like a fiber laser, these are solid state, pulsed lasers but green lasers work at a wavelength of 532nm (nanometers) as compared to a fiber laser with a wavelength of 1062nm (about twice as long as a green laser) or a CO2 with a wavelength of 9.4-10.6µm (micrometers), or 10,600nm, which is substantially longer yet. This illustrates the uniqueness of a green laser compared to the lasers most of us have.  
    laser 3D subsurface engraving
  • laser 3D subsurface engraving
    green lasers for 3D subsurface engraving
    green-laser-engraving Some photos as a memory carrier are usually engraved inside the crystal and glass cube. The 3d crystal laser engraving machine, although for the 2d image, it can transform it into a 3d model to provide instruction for the laser beam.
    laser 3D subsurface engraving
  • 3D subsurface engraving
    5w UV pulsed laser for 3D subsurface engraving
    Recently, Mr. Chen from a large glass factory came to RFH, hoping to find a machine in RFH that can help 3D glass products to perform secondary relief. RFH's sales staff led him to visit RFH's production workshop, and finally recommended a 5w UV laser to him.
    3D subsurface engraving

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