10W-15W uv laser
  • food packaging marking machine
    RFH 355nm UV laser used in food packaging marking machine
    RFH 355nm UV laser used in food packaging marking machine Marking the production date of food packaging, fast with UV laser 3W5W UV laser is used in food packaging marking machine with high power stability   I believe everyone will buy things in major supermarkets and convenience stores, buy all kinds of snacks and drinks, etc. Many people look at the production date when buying things, especially food, but many people don’t know that the production date on the packaging can be forged and changed. Some merchants changed the old date to a new date in order to put the unsold food on the market again. In order to make money, some businesses make counterfeit and shoddy products, brand others' trademarks, and sell their own products. This not only deceives consumers, but also infringes other people's trademark rights. I won't say how serious it is, but there is a way to prevent these illegal businesses. That is to mark the package of each product with a date and product information with a laser marking machine.
    food packaging marking machine

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