10W-15W uv laser
  • glass bottle marking
    RFH 355nm UV laser used in glass bottle marking
    RFH 355nm UV laser used in glass bottle marking 355nm UV laser marking glass bottles, finer and more delicate The reason why RFH UV laser is used for glass bottle marking: fast speed, high precision and stability   In daily life, glass bottles are our common packaging bottles. Compared with other packaging materials, glass bottle packaging is more upscale and has a texture. Although glass can bring all kinds of convenience to production, people always want to change the appearance of decoration, so how to better implant various patterns and words into the appearance of glass products has become the goal pursued by consumers. The traditional processing method has complex procedures, fewer patterns, poor coloration, and high brittleness of glass, which is prone to cracking under the influence of high temperature, which damages the material. Ultraviolet laser marking technology surpasses traditional processing and makes up for various deficiencies in the past, such as low processing accuracy, difficult drawing, damage to the workpiece, and environmental pollution. With its unique processing advantages, it has become the new favorite of glass product processing, and is used by various wine glasses and craft gifts. And other industries are included in the necessary processing tools.
    glass bottle marking

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