10W-15W uv laser
  • laser drilling glass hole
    Only 3.4s! RFH 18w green laser drilling 2mm hole in a 2.1mm thick glass tube
    RFH 18w green laser is a laser machine that is very suitable for drilling thick glass tubes. Traditional drilling methods often require the use of blades or other materials, which requires a huge investment in material loss, and requires a lot of environmental cleaning and rectification.
    laser drilling glass hole
  • laser drilling glass
    RFH 532nm high power green laser source drilling glass
    The high power green laser source is a drilling device that uses an extremely small spot. The high-quality beam and small spot size enable it to meet the ultra-fine marking requirements of glass products. The high repetition frequency nanosecond green laser of RFH Laser Co., Ltd. , can perform various types of fast finishing on thin glass and tubular glass of various materials. Nanosecond green light glass drilling equipment has been used in the processing of soda lime glass, borosilicate glass, quartz glass and other glass deep processing fields. success case,
    laser drilling glass
  • green laser glass substrates
    532nm green laser is used in laser drilling, marking and engraving of liquid crystal glass substrates
    As a leading laser technology company in the south, RFH green laser has noticed the outstanding characteristics of liquid crystal substrate glass a few years ago, and entered into the interior of many enterprises to help them mark, engrave and cut liquid crystal glass substrates, etc. side operation.
    green laser glass substrates
  • green laser drilling holes on glass
    RFH green laser drilling 2 micron holes on glass, thickness 0.045mm
    Under the traditional punching technology, the glass with a thickness of 0.045mm is very easy to break during processing, and it can't meet the 2 micron hole diameter requirement required by customers, and this can be achieved by RFH. RFH green lasers drill holes on the surface of thin glass through nano-scale small light spots, and use ultra-high laser beams to impact, so as to achieve the purpose of production.
    green laser drilling holes on glass

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