10W-15W uv laser
  •  marking plastic socket
    UV laser touchless marking plastic socket is perfect
    RFH UV laser touchless marking plastic socket is perfect! On plastic switches and relays, different indicators or words are generally required to be marked. RFH UV laser can make these graphics and words clearly visible, and they will not be blurred even under the condition of daily consumption or environmental changes, and the using time is shortened. The features of Low-cost, high-efficiency, and high-quality ultraviolet lasers will further develop in the field of plastic switches and relays.  
     marking plastic socket
  • 3w-5w UV laser marking plastic
    RFH 3w-5w 355nm UV laser marking plastic socket
    Plastic sockets generally mark the brand logo on the outside, and mark the QR code on the inside. Due to the structure of the plastic socket, the size of the QR code and the logo is small, which weakens the effect of the traditional marking device. RFH 3w-5w UV laser is a laser that can replace traditional markers and greatly improve the quality of socket marking.
    3w-5w UV laser marking plastic

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