10W-15W uv laser
  • Packaging box marking production date
    Packaging box marking production date, fast speed with 355nm ultraviolet laser
    RFH 355nm UV laser marking yogurt packaging date 3W UV laser marking the date of the yogurt box without burning The production date of yogurt packaging box is marked with RFH 355nm ultraviolet laser very fast As an Asian dairy company, Yili Group has always adhered to the two wheels of "internationalization" and "innovation" in its development process, adhered to the two fundamentals of "quality" and "responsibility", and upgraded its quality management strategy to the "Quality Leading 3210 Strategy". "Focus on "Global Excellent Quality", continue to upgrade the global quality management system, and implement stringent quality control standards throughout the global industrial chain to ensure zero food safety incidents. Ultraviolet laser marking is used on the production date printing, eliminating the previous coding and marking, preventing tampering, and recharging it as a shoddy product.  
    Packaging box marking production date

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