10W-15W uv laser
  • UV laser for mask marking machine
    Why choose RFH UV laser for mask marking machine
    RFH's 355nm ultraviolet laser is used in anti-counterfeiting masks Why choose RFH UV laser for mask marking machine RFH 355nm UV laser marking mask LOGO production date   Mask marking machine needs to choose UV laser to realize marking and printing. Why is UV laser marking? It should be known that the material of this kind of melt blown cloth has a thin surface and is not easy to process in a hot environment. Other laser light sources will produce high temperatures during processing. Only UV laser marking can be adapted, so that 355mm UV cold is used for it. The light source does not produce high temperature during marking and will not cause damage to the mask. This type of light source has a small focus spot and is very suitable for marking delicate and small materials. This marking effect is not only clear and bright, but also There will be no stray ink and burrs, and it can be said that it is even better in marking.
    UV laser for mask marking machine

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