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Laser cold knowledge: fishing friends look over , RFH laser rapid production of fish drift

Dec 05 , 2023

In the past two years, fishing has gradually become younger, and more and more young people like to make three to five friends during holidays, come to the riverbank and lakeside to fish together, and enjoy intimate contact with nature.

Fishing may seem very casual on the surface, but as fishing enthusiasts know, it is also a sport that tests skills and requires equipment. The pleasure of fishing is not only the satisfaction of harvesting fish, but also the joy of choosing and making fishing gear. Among them, the fishing floats are the eyes of the angler and a very important part of the fishing gear.

There are many types of fish floats based on their center of gravity, material, and weight, and the selection of fish floats varies depending on the type of fish being caught. No matter which material is used to make the fish float, it requires multiple processes such as cutting, polishing, painting, and assembly, which is time-consuming and laborious, and it is difficult to ensure the consistency and accuracy of each fish float.

RFH uses UV laser to quickly, efficiently, and accurately cut fish floats of various shapes and sizes, making the processing of small and precise fish floats no longer a challenge.

UV laser is a type of cold light with characteristics such as high energy, high peak power, high repetition rate, and high beam quality, while achieving minimal thermal impact. Due to its excellent performance, it can perform high-precision, high-quality, and high-efficiency cutting, carving, punching and other processing on various materials.


The advantages of UV laser cutting fish floats are as follows:

- The speed of UV laser cutting fish floats is fast, greatly improving production efficiency

- The precision of UV laser cutting fish float is high, and it can easily cut any shape of fish float, and the size and weight of each fish float are consistent, ensuring the performance and stability of the fish float

- The cutting surface of the UV laser cutting fish float is smooth and flat, without defects such as burrs and deformations, reducing subsequent polishing and trimming work

- UV laser cutting of fish floats is environmentally friendly, with no smoke, low noise, and no pollution during processing, in line with the concept of green production.

RFH is a leading global manufacturer of industrial grade all solid state lasers. If you need a high-performance, reliable, and reasonably priced UV laser, you can learn about RFH's D9 series.

The RFH D9 series ultraviolet laser is a high-performance laser designed specifically for ultraviolet laser cutting, with the following characteristics:

1. Wavelength of 355nm, output power of 3W+, repetition frequency of 20kHz to 200kHz, and pulse width of<15ns@30k The beam quality is M ²< 1.2, suitable for UV laser cutting of various materials.

2. Using RFH's independently developed "embedded laser specific power control system" and digital power control, remote control and monitoring of the laser can be achieved, making it convenient for users to operate and manage.

3. Adopting modular design, the structure is compact, lightweight, easy to install, and easy to maintain.

4. The use of high-quality laser chips and optical components ensures the stability and lifespan of the laser, while reducing its cost and power consumption.

The RFH D9-355 series ultraviolet laser is a new product in 2023 and also a year-end masterpiece of RFH. The all-new D9 series has a smaller volume than the F9 series and has optimized its internal structure, resulting in a more stable optical path. Thanks to its small and compact design, users do not need to create a large optical path, which can greatly reduce costs, save space, and be easily installed on flying marking equipment.

RFH assists you in easily making precision tools such as fish floats, and can immediately have a highly cost-effective UV laser. RFH meets your various needs for lasers, allowing you to easily stand at the pinnacle of industrial processing.

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